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Freelance website facilitator, tub thumper and amateur scribe

Web Designer

Freelance website facilitator providing affordable web solutions for virtually any online venture.


The advantage gained by procuring my services is the personal touch I bring to every project. By working with you to clearly define your goals and map out your options, we can ensure satisfactory results.


Rock n' Roller, performing regularly in Live bands & original recording projects.


As a member of several rock bands since the mid-1990’s, there have been thrills, chills, and 3 full-length albums recorded with The Household Saints (1999) , Paris Envy (2012),  and Shelter From The Storm (2015)


Writing is a personal passion, especially when it involves topics I'm passionate about

My Blogs

Creator & Curator of the indie music blog Rokline featuring artist profiles & interviews, and the backcountry blog Powderface which explores Lakes & Trails in Kananskis Country

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Building modern websites with unique, fully responsive web pages.

We'll personalize your website together and achieve the aesthetic and functionality you've always wanted.
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