Megan Nadin

Megan Nadin’s voice is like a star that burns bright in the universe, and the attention grabbing song ‘Gypsy Sea’ is like sonic sanctuary for those who find rich reward in rootsy, pop music that can be all things genuine, splendorous and soul-stirring.

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Verses vs Homelessness

The 'Verses vs Homelessness' show at the John Dutton Theatre June 24-25 was an incredible experience, from the inspirational stories told to the heartfelt musical performances.

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Meghann Wright

You’ve got Nothin’ To Lose and everything to gain from listening to Meghann Wright’s debut LP … soul music with a rock n' roll heart

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Megan Landry

This rich tapestry of spiritualized storytelling shifts from abstract personal musings to compelling narratives, even probing the morass of societal ills that can weigh heavily on a young, empathic, unjaded mind ...

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