Verses vs Homelessness

In 2015, a group of staff, clients and volunteers at Canada’s largest homeless serving agency – the Calgary Drop-In & RehabCentre – joined forces to write songs, share experiences and transform the way their stories are told.

The Verses vs Homelessness show at the John Dutton Theatre June 24-25 was an incredible experience, from the inspirational stories told to the heartfelt musical performances. The Calgary Drop-In Centre’s ‘Shelter From The Storm‘ series has been a soul-awakening musical journey like no other, particularly for the incomparable love, grace and humbling talents of everyone involved. So special …

And besides being a worthy cause, the Verses vs. Homelessness LP is a mindblowingly great album, so do yourself a favor and purchase a copy here!

For more information contact the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre  (Steve Baldwin, Michael Elliott Frisby)

Mariya Stokes performs
Tyler Wilson performing



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